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The Revelator


The Revelator is the prototype for the Testifyre and has exactly the same guts. Satisfied with the stellar sound we decided to redesign the cabinet and rename the amp. The Rev is the only one of it’s kind. It is

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The Testifyre Glamasaurus Wrex


The Glamasaurus Wrex is one of the first five hand made and wired, numbered Testifyre guitar amplifiers . HangFire designed and built the cabinet and Verellen Amplifiers provided the electronics that have this Testifyre sounding better than it looks. It

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Dad, I Don’t Want A Black Amp


My daughter, Karsin (age 6 at the time) got a little black Peavey amp with the Hello Kitty Strat guitar that I bought her. The guitar was fine but as to the amp she said:  “Dad, I don’t want a

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