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HangFire is really excited about the guitar amplifiers we are building, and have released our first model, the Testifyre.

Love the sound of your own vintage tube amp, but wish it looked as awesome as it sounds? Or want a bad ass display case for that special guitar? Maybe need a pedalboard that will make other guitarists green with envy? How about a custom guitar hanger straight out of a Dr. Seuss book? Or maybe a 3-D carving of your band’s logo?

We can do all that, and more. Check out our gallery of custom music gear below for examples and products for sale.

Functional Art Guitar Hanger
The Testifyre Tsunami
The Testifyre Screaming Redrum
The Testifyre Space Cowboy
The Testifyre Circulater
The Testifyre Glamasaurus Wrex
The Vegas Gator
Thee Revelator Guitar Amplifier
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Nehru Jacket To Match This Amp ?
I Always Wanted An Amp That Looked Like This (So I Built the Cabinet Myself)
Dad, I Don’t Want A Black Amp
A Sculpted Logo Is Better Than A Nod Or A Wink To A Faces Fan
Effects Pedal Board
Pop Art Dual Guitar Hanger
Midnight Pirate Guitar Display Case