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Examples of the framing done at HangFire Framing and Design.

One Good Dose Of Thunders
Tom Waits For No One
Young Man
Food Giant
The Tiana Tree
Iggy Pop Portrait
Julie Newmar as the Catwoman
Marianne Faithful Portrait
Johnny Thunders Portrait
Vic Chesnutt Portrait
Neko Case Portrait
Functional Art Guitar Hanger
The Failed Reparation of Circles Broken
The Testifyre Tsunami
The Testifyre Screaming Redrum
The Testifyre Space Cowboy
The Testifyre Circulater
The Testifyre Glamasaurus Wrex
The Vegas Gator
Black Keys. Madison Square Garden
Maek Lanegan Metallic Justin Hampton Poster
Pearl Jam / Mudhoney , Portland 2013
Thee Revelator Guitar Amplifier
X “Ain’t Love Grand”
To the Nth Degree
Rockabilly Devil and Doll
Imperfect Balance