About HangFire

Ignite your decor! Rock your world! HangFire has been making the world a better place to look at for more than 10 years!

HangFire is a small independent gallery/design studio featuring unique custom furniture,  one of a kind guitar amplifier cabinets and pedal boards. decor items and — of course — the top notch framing services the business was built on.

HangFire is owned and operated by Mark Hutchins. A student of fine art at the University of Washington and then Cornish, Mark has a keen understanding of color and composition. After 15 years of employment as a picture framer while pursuing his musical passions, he launched HangFire. A decade into the project, HangFire is now located in Seattle’s Maple Leaf neighborhood. Begun as primarily a framing business, Mark’s innovative ideas have continued to evolve. HangFire now features custom one of a kind guitar amplifier cabinets, unique pieces of functional and fine art incorporating wood, metal and glass as well as interior design projects notable for the owner’s love and bold use of color and often nonconventional materials.

Having recently expanded the production shop and gallery display capacity, HangFire will be hosting an ongoing series of art shows and producing an exciting variety of new works.