Thee Revelator Guitar Amplifier

The Revelator is HangFire’s first original Boutique Guitar Amplifier.
After building a couple custom cabinets for existing amplifiers it was time to take the plunge into the world of Boutique Amplifiers. I had heard about Ben Verellen and the incredible amps that he was creating and approached him in the hope that he might be willing to engineer and produce the electronics for HangFire’s first amp. Ben agreed and we got right to work. I wanted a simple 12″ combo amp in the 15 watt range with reverb, however, I told Ben that I wanted people’s jaws to drop when they plugged in. He completely delivered exceeding my hopes with what turned out to be 18 watts that I immediately dubbed “18 Devastating Watts” ergo the model # 18DVST. Naturally it’s a hand wired all tube amplifier with tube and transformer driven spring reverb. The Revelator features two channels, the Halo channell delivers pristine sparkling clean tones while the Horns channel unleashes a sonic roar that seems unimaginable coming from a single speaker.
The Revelator debuted at the SeaTac Guitar show in the Spring of 2014 to rave reviews by all that played it as well as those that listened. The gentleman in the booth next to ours hand crafted Mandolins and remarked that the Revelator was more like a secondary instrument than just an amplifier due to the depth and definition in the Revelator’s tone. He also concurred that the 18 Watts were indeed devastating.

We are currently at work on the first run of Revelators, no two of which will look alike but they’re all guaranteed head turners whether you’re looking or listening.

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