Vic Chesnutt / Elf Power

This piece hangs in my living room. Vic was a friend of mine who I miss very much. The last couple times he played Seattle I missed his shows and deeply regret it. I had no way of knowing that I wouldn’t get another chance.

I found this poster after an extensive on line search and loved the image. I really dig Elf Power too which was a bonus, all be it a little strange because another Athenian friend of mine, Laura Carter, was a member of this band until she passed on.

What your looking at is a black and pink frame stacked in a black shadow box frame and lined with this crazy laser prismesque material that I came across somewhere and had to buy so I would be prepared for a job that I didn’t know I was going to do. (Collectors cringe if you will but I cropped the white border and rounded the corners of the poster before floating it in the shadow box. It looks better- so much for original / mint)

Life is funny that way. Use it well because you just might lose it before you’re done.

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