I Always Wanted An Amp That Looked Like This (So I Built the Cabinet Myself)

I found the green faux hand tooled leather material that I used on this cabinet a few years before I did anything with it. I loved it and knew that I was going to make something that was really bad ass with it, but what ?

I have a Music Man amp that I really dig and got to thinking how cool it would look in green hand tooled leather. I was going to cover the original cabinet but opted out for fear that I might f*ck it up. So I decided that I would just build a new cabinet from scratch and see if I could pull off my vision. I almost painted the inside black but caught myself in time and decided that my amp cabs were going to look as sexy on the inside as they do on the outside and have used complimentary contrasting colors on all the cabs I’ve built. I also thought that the grill cloth needed to rise to a level of style befitting the cabinet that it graced, so I hunted around until I found the sequined number that you see in the pictures. All in all I was pretty happy except that I wanted MORE hand tooled leather showing so I built a matching stand to put the amp on, natch.

I love my amp and would be happy to build one thats just right for you too.

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