Gram Parsons linoleum cut print by Chris Minor

My long time buddy and ex brother in law, Chris Minor, decided to be an artist well into the game of life and as it turns out a damn fine one !

He’s working on a brilliant series of skeletonized legends if the country and western persuasion. This one features Cosmic American Music pioneer Gram Parsons. It’s available as a full sheet print but this one I cut down to just the figure and built a tabernacle frame for. I don’t know exactly why but I felt the piece absolutely had to have a set of swingin’ doors which Chris was able to produce. I then beat the hell out if ’em along with most of the rest of the wood used in this project. The backing was inspired by the many stories if Gram tripping in the Joshua Tree National Park. I felt it really captured a peyote skewed landscape. The piece is pictured here with an alternate magenta backdrop as well.

Shine on Grievius Angel.

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