Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Nehru Jacket To Match This Amp ?

I nicked the guts for this unique cabinet from a Velocette amplifier. It’s 15 watts of BIG sound and sports only volume and tone knobs to shape the sound as well as a brightness switch. Not much to fuss with here. As with my first cabinet the material I used to cover it was something that I stumbled upon this time searching for the grill cloth fabric that I used on the Music Man. I’ve dubbed this little rocker the Teal Gator for obvious reasons. Next I sought out a fabric that would defy the norm (and then some) of conventional grill cloth covers. The silk brocade that I ended up using was a no brainier when I laid it out next to the gator hide. Again I painted the inside of the cabinet as well as the face with a complimentary color that kept up with the rest of the design. The original cabinet was a small square shape but I added a secondary compartment to my cabinet to give it more of a presence. The back of this compartment opens up and can be used to stow cords, tuners and effect pedals as well as your favorite contraband!

Did I mention that it ROCKS!

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