Midnight Pirate Guitar Display Case

This project was designed and executed as an entry in Direct Moulding’s 2011 framing contest where it won the grand prize. The guitar is a replica of the Tony Zamaitas hand crafted guitar used by Ronnie Wood in the Faces and the Rolling Stones. It is one of only a hundred manufactured by Greco for the 30th anniversary. It’s called the Midnight Pirate and features a treasure map etching on the disc adorning the front of the guitar.

I refinished the Hard Edge Life Styles moulding (which originally had a wood finish) in silver and antiqued it with a black rub to go with the black and silver guitar. The shadow box is lined with a black Jolly Rogeresque moulding which I used as an inlay and bordered with studded black wood . The headstock hanger was created with the same moulding used for the door that was beveled and then carved to fit the shape of the neck along with the collar piece which was hand carved. Beneath the guitar’s body are two raised floating f-hole shaped pieces that were also hand carved and suspend the guitar’s body above the Caribbean Sea backing. The outer box was designed with the idea of what a treasure chest might look like if it was a road worthy amp crate. It dogs shut with stainless marine latches.

Perhaps it really is only rock’n’roll but I like it, like it, yes I do. Ooh La La.

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Midnight Pirate's new home