We have had many pieces framed at Hangfire over the last few years, and we’ve been delighted with all of them. Mark is very knowledgable and always comes up with great ideas on frame styles and mats to compliment the artwork he’s framing. We’ve had some very large pieces done, most recently the ‘Beehive’ linoleum print (see photo) which we opted for a very simple black frame on. We’ve also had a few more elaborately-matted items done like a piece of Jeff Buckley memorabilia which we wanted to keep accessible, and Mark created a custom mat that enables the piece to be removed.

On the other hand, one of the nice things about Hangfire is that if you *don’t* want something elaborate Mark is also happy to offer simpler, more economical options when needed.

Mark is an artist & musician himself, and his personal creativity comes through in many of the pieces he frames. He is a truly talented guy and offers a great framing & design service with Hangfire. We’ll be back!

– Hugh & Lesley Jones

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