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Juxtapoz Magazine #44

Freeze Frame

Time to take down those basketball posters, beer signs, and African masks, guys. Hangfire Framing is ready to deliver you to styly, artsy bliss in one quick-‘n’-easy step. Sure, you can go the cheapo route and buy a shitty prefab frame for your artwork that has nothing to do with the image it surrounds, but wouldn’t you rather actually be cool for once? Especially when Hangfire makes it so ridiculously easy for you. At Hangfire, the frame design is a direct response to and enhancement of the framed piece. If you’re hooked on old horror movies, Hangfire can dig up a coffin-shaped frame with a hinged lid, no problem. If you’ve got an old deep-sea scene lying around just begging to be encased, Hangfire can fish around for some hand-cut glass waves for a real underwater effect. Odd-shaped objects present no challenge for the Hangfire heroes; they’ll just whip up a shadowbox for your display purposes. And for Christ’s sake, if you absolutely can’t part with that Queensryche poster, at least have Hangfire encase it in a nice textured moulding. Now start prying that Fun-Tac off the walls.

Juxtapoz Magzine #44

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Juxtapoz Magazine #44